May 7, 2014

The Original's Set-Up

Firstly, no, my beautiful Original in Dark Aqua has not arrived yet, but now that I'm on holidays, why not prepare for it, no? Word is, I'll be using the delicious new Dark Aqua Original for my uni days. It's low-key enough to prevent my friends from snatching it over to have a look inside, but beautiful and sturdy enough to bring around in my bag.

I'm not sure what I'll put in it yet (apart from my lecture notes) but I may very well use the 2014 vertical week-on-two-pages in conjunction with my personal zipped Holborn (or my new compact Pennybridge?) seeing it's already supplied. But instead of using the A5 to record the events of my daily life (which are too personal to be listed in a uni organiser), I shall use it to just record the classes I need to attend to, to prevent me from printing out the timetable every week (because it changes oh-so-often!).

But lets not jump the gun; I can figure these things out a little later, when The Original does arrive... So onto the dividers that will make up the organiser:

I've opted to use the same paper as I did for my Holborn seeing they were the only decent, double-sided low-key dividers that suited the colour theme. The papers are from Project Life's Vintage Edition paper pack and are a little stiffer than regular A4 paper, which makes it great divider-material. It came in the usual 30x30cm size, so I had to trim it down to enable it to fit into the upcoming A5:

A5 Dividers
I purchased a Rapesco 66-P on Tuesday, so I think I'll keep the hole-punching till the Rapesco arrives so I can test it out. Also, as you can see from the picture, I didn't cut out the tabs with the dividers. I'm planning on cutting out separate plastic sheets with the tabs to place before the dividers so I can change the order of my dividers whenever I want to. The plastic sheets will also provide further protection for my dividers.

This is how the papers look from the back:

A5 Dividers from the back

I prefer double-sided papers over single-sided for dividers as single-sided papers would look too plain... especially when I was planning to do this:

Back-pockets to all my dividers!

I used Kaisercraft's Take Note 6x4" journal cards to create the pocket holders as it fitted the A5 size nicely horizontally with just a little trimming on the sides. These are how they looked like separately:

Kaisercraft Take Note 6x4" Journal Cards

They too are double sided, so I had a variety of choices to choose from, but these were the best matching for the divider papers I used. In a few days from now, I hopefully plan to decorate the dividers entirely using Kaisercraft's Collectables range to add a little colour and character to the pages. I'll post how it looks like after they're completed.

And that's that! Now all I need is the actual organiser to put it into... hmm..
Can you tell I'm a tad bit excited for its arrival?