May 4, 2014

Filofax Lust!

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My name is Nadia and I am not going to buy that exceptionally beautiful A5 Original Filofax in delicious Dark Aqua colour that has my heart racing every time I look at it. I will also not lust after its full, thick leather exterior and smooth finish that has got me drooling, nor will I love the black interior that is a lovely contrast to the Aqua. It's adorable little popper button will not get me swooning nor will it's elasticised phone compartment. I will not fancy it's UK origins and I will not have a fondness for its original fly-leaf cover. I will not have a soft spot for it's notepad slot nor will I like its white contrast stitching. It's lack of pockets will always get to me and I promise not to impulsively buy the last remaining stock on eBay for $150 till my pay comes in.

... Oh Dark Aqua Original, be mine!


  1. Love how you describe deliciously what you will not buy!!! I do the same thing in my head over the Filos I drool over. Love your post.

    1. Hahah, thanks so much! I really do try not to give in to my temptations, but a little confession:
      I ended up purchasing it anyway! Oops?

  2. Love your "oops!. My 4 year old tried that psychology on a donut. It worked. Guess it works for "big girl" donuts too! Hee hee.