May 8, 2014

Photo-A-Day May Week 1

Day 2: Snacks
(Taken with the Olympus)
It's never too late for Easter bunny chocolates! Loving how the Scanda's rugged leather look blends in so well with the great outdoors!

Day 3: Collection
The Collection

This is my Filofax collection as of date:
- A5 Red Domino
- Personal Brown zipped Holborn
- Personal Brown Holborn
- Personal Black Scanda
- Pocket Black Malden

Day 4: US
Studying US Methods with the zipped Holborn
 So I know this was meant to say 'Us' rather than 'US' as in ultrasound, but to each their own, right? Especially when I'm currently drowning in these material...

Day 5: 4PM

One lecture after the other...
4PM and still going strong

Day 6: From Down Low
Pocket Malden's pages from the bottom

It's been a while since I've taken my Malden out to play. And I hear the black Maldens are now discontinued too! Filofax has a tendency to discontinue really pretty items aren't they?

Day 7: Taken from Above
Holborn out in the garden

My creative juices are definitely not working for me these days, so I thought this picture of Holborn out in the garden was a great way to demonstrate the contrast between the brown of the leather and the green of the leaves.

... I'm starting to sound like my high school English teacher... hmm...

Day 8: Blue

Currently on holiday but trying to catch up with all the lecture notes while I can for the upcoming exams!

(Though my empty week doesn't quite show for my 'busy' schedule now does it...? Hah)

Till next week!

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