May 22, 2014

The New Filofax Collection!

As expected, the delivery of my new Filofax purchases from the Filofax Shop has arrived in no time! I love their service, and couldn't recommend them enough! As I had them delivered to my Parcel Locker at Melbourne's GPO, saying I had a bag full of Filofax was quite literally the case...

Here they are picked up from the Post Office!

Filofax, Filofax and more Filofax!

Remind me to never buy so many Filofaxes in one go again with a 30min train ride and a 15min bike ride home... But on the bright side, I managed to fit them all in my bag (without the brown boxes of course)! Unfortunately, I had to throw the lovely A5 Filofax box that came with the A5 Adelphi because it just couldn't fit in my bag (and also because it had a dent in it already). So here they are:

The new collection!

I must say, I was quite surprised and pleased that nearly all of them came in the black box. I guess it must be because they're all the older generation Filofaxes, rather than the new collection. Just looking at them boggles the mind! I don't even know where to start. I think I may also have just blown away the one-Filofax-for-life syndrome because I'm sure going to use them all!

Besides, how can you choose a favourite when:
The Aston family has such a lovely soft touch to it and seems to be able to hold the most content, or when
The Adelphi family is so... thin and yet able to hold a decent amount of inserts while still being able to turn the page, or when
The Cuban has such a lovely red colour, or when
The Original family is so light, or when
The Sketch has the security of a zip?

Oh, I'm in love with them all!

But enough of my drooling, this is my new and up-to-date collection of Filofaxes!

Can you name them all?

They include (from left to right):
1- A5 Sketch Zipped in Granite
2- A5 Domino in Red
3- A5 Original in Aqua
4- A5 Original in Green
5- A5 Aston in Chocolate
6- A5 Adelphi in Black
7- Personal Zipped Holborn in Brown
8- Personal Holborn in Brown
9- Personal Aston in Chocolate
10- Personal Cuban in Chili
11- Personal Scanda in Black
12- Slimline Adelphi in Black

(Click on them for a link to their review)

The list really blew up after that crazy Filofax haul, I must say... but can you tell I'm a very Earthly muted colour kind of girl? I guess it's because I love the air of antiquity a brown leather Filofax gives off (in addition to its smell), and their inconspicuous nature to itchy uni friends hands. But that's just me.

And lastly, with the amount of new Filofaxes I bought this time around, I hereby vow that they will be the last lot I buy... for the year. I will review each and every one of them in the days to come, so stay tuned!

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