May 18, 2014


Due to the arrival of my new A5 Filofax Original, I have decided to create new dividers (in addition to the previous ones I made!). And to shed some light onto their creation, I have decided to post a little 'tutorial' of how I made them. I wasn't meant to make these, but procrastination was working at its best and I found these perfect A5 dividers in Muji:

Muji Dividers for AUS$2.95

Ok, maybe they're not exactly perfect because of the many holes that was meant to be for a different binder, but that was easily fixed with some paper. They are however, perfectly suited for the A5 Filofax, and the fact that they're made out of cardboard means they'll have a greater durability than the paper ones Filofax provides. Not to mention, the empty canvas practically begs for creativity and their price means you can create as many as you want without feeling guilty!

So I got to work and these were the pages I have made to be stuck onto those dividers:

Self-made Dividers
Close up
Self-made dividers II
Close up

The pages were created using a mixture of Kaisercraft collectables and papers. I love the variety of Collectable themes Kaisercraft has. The ones I used include: Spring Bloom, Violet Crush and Happy Snaps, all purchased from Spotlight. I can't take credit for the layout of the pages though, as I have used Kaisercraft's blog to extract some ideas from.

After creating these pages, I stuck each on a different divider (after shuffling around with their order) using double-sided tape - glue will make the pages buckle (even if slightly), I've realised. I tried not to paste too many things near the left edge though, as I do need to punch holes through them so it can slot into my Filofax. Layering too many things will make it too thick for a puncher to punch through. I know because well.. even though I tried to limit the amount of things available on the left edge of the page, mine was still a little too thick... oops.

Stuck on each divider

The back of the dividers are empty as well, so I stuck on different papers to add some colour. And like the previous dividers I made, created pockets for each divider using journal cards from Kaisercraft and Project Life. After piecing all of these together, the last step is to punch holes through them all.

Back - patterned paper and pocket journal cards!

And voila, new self-made inserts for your A5 Filofax!
Hope you liked my mini 'tutorial'!

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