May 26, 2014

Filofax A5 Adelphi Review

So to the A5 Adelphi now. It's about the same as the Slimline I reviewed a couple of days before (which can be read here), just... bigger, and with one additional slot at the back of the organiser. It was meant to be the 'compact' A5 version, but due to everyone's dislike for the buttoned pocket, it quickly lost fame. Here are the pictures:

A5 Adelphi
Back pocket

Like the Adelphi slimline and unlike other A5 Filofaxes, the Adelphi doesn't have a clasp to hold the organiser together. In a way, it's actually kind of smooth... It fits the compact nature of the Filofax, and I actually wouldn't mind not having a clasp / zip to open and close every time. It gives the Adelphi that 'book' experience, I guess

Now to the inside of the organiser:

Similar to the Slimline Adelphi
Buttoned pocket
8 card slots compared to 6 on the Slimline

Another difference on the A5 is the additional 2 card slots (which makes it 8). The two lower card slots closest to the button is sightly larger than the 6 above.

To the back of the organiser:

Paper pad slot

Unlike the Slimline, the A5 has a slot for paper pads. There is a pen slot above the paper pad, and this time, it's actually big enough to slot a pen through! Mostly because it's connected to an elastic strap:

Elastic strap pen loop! (Excuse my finger...)

It has 20mm rings which has no problems and seems to be able to fit the week on two pages, addresses, and notes fine. I took a picture comparing the ring size with the A5 Original (25mm) and the A5 Domino (30mm) rings and here's how it looks like:

20mm rings!
Comparing A5 Original, Adelphi and Domino

I may / may not use this organiser, however, I seem to be having this growing affinity with the aqua Original, so it's currently up for sale with my Adelphi Slimline. Details are on my 'Items For Sale' tab.

And that's it for the A5 Adelphi!

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