May 6, 2014

Craft Books Review

I bought these last week at Lincraft's closing Melbourne city store (last day is on the 12th!) because they upgraded their discount to 75% off storewide! Unfortunately, the paper craft section upstairs has closed leaving just the books, fabric, knitting, and sewing items downstairs. And needless to say, the lines were long and moving really, really slow. But either way, in order to abuse the savings, I had to suck it up, join the queue, and buy these two (hardcover) books:

Hardcover books bought from Lincraft for a total of just $7!
Inside of The Scrapbooker's Essential Guide to Colour
Inside of Simple Landscape Painting

It was really cheap, I must say. The Scrapbooker's Essential Guide to Colour costed me $2 and the landscape painting book just $5. I don't usually buy these craft books as you can really search these things up online nowadays, but knowing the books were 75% off made me want to buy them nevertheless. They're nice books though, and they can really jog your creativity when you're lazy to look things up online, especially for scrapbooking layouts. Not to mention the abundant of information that you'd need to go through just to find the perfect one.

The Scrapbooker's Essential Guide to Colour displays layouts with singular, dual, tetra, etc. colours, with a layout a page. It also describes the usual connotations a layout might give for the colour used. Although the book is hardcover on the outside, the inside hides a sneaky spiral bound book with a free colour-wheel inserted on the back cover to use in complementing colours.

As for Simple Landscape Painting, I love the basic information they give that can (hopefully) help to improve my painting skills when I have the time. It gives you step by step information on painting trees (as seen in the picture), buildings, and basically, as the title suggests, landscapes. It's a really lovely book.

And so, if you're living anywhere near Melbourne, right now's the time to head down to the Lincraft store before everything runs out! If you don't mind the queue, that is...

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